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In 2003, I began developing the anchor screws, whose upper parts are detachable, that allow teeth to move in any possible directions. At first, I thought developing such products couldn’t have been that difficult, but I was wrong. The developing process has been extremely challenging and improvements had to be made over 100 times.
Finally, in 2014, our product, i-station were released after receiving a pharmaceutical approval from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. I believed our innovative devices could change the world.Having a great ambition to make i-station into the world standard, I began promoting i-station and giving seminars.
However, i-station did not spread as fast as I imagined since it was rather difficult to handle and practitioners had to make their own devices. In addition, the manufacturer requested i-station to be sold only in Japan.Hence, our dream to make i-station the world standard was shattered. To make the matter worse, the manufacturer made a decision to discontinue i-station. Despite this, the CEO who had been a great part of developing i-station agreed to manufacture and spread our products. This was the beginning of developing newer and more improved version of i-station.
Understanding and analysing what went wrong previously, we began developing more stable and expandable devices that anyone can easily use. In 2021, i-station α was born.
The creation of surgical stents by taking advantage of digital solutions makes it possible to insert screws more accurately, stably, and safely. What is more, the upper unit can be placed on the same day allowing force to be applied instantly.
By doing this, more patients will be able to receive advanced medical treatment and I want to make my dream of becoming the world’s standard come true. I have been supported by a large number of people thus far. Together, I will continue to work hard to realize our dream.

Yasuhiro Itsuki

Product Developer Profile

Name Yasuhiro Itsuki
Education Tohoku University Department of Dentistry, DMD, PHD
Career Background

Over 6,000 clinical cases using anchor screws and of lingual orthodontic treatment

  • 1991 Graduated from Tohoku University Department of Dentistry
  • Worked at a general dentist in the Tokyo area
  • 1997 Graduated from Tsurumi University Graduate School of Dentistry
  • Worked at Tsurumi University Orthodontics classroom and Yokohama Rosai Hospital Oral Surgery Department
  • 2001 Opened Jingumae Orthodontics
Affiliated Organization
  • Director of Jingumae Orthodontics
  • The Chairperson of Medical Corporation Smile Create
  • The President of Japan Advanced Orthodontic Society
  • The CEO of IWI, Co., Ltd.(registered as a dental laboratory in 2023)
Qualification Japanese Orthodontic Society certified doctor・clinical instructor
Affiliated Academic Society
  • Japanese Orthodontic Society
  • Tokyo Orthodontic Society
  • The Japanese Society for Jaw Deformities
  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • European Orthodontic Society
  • Italian Society of Orthodontists
  • Angle Society
  • World Federation of Orthodontists

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