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How to get i-station α

Here is the process and matters that require attention before using i-station α.

  • Inquiry

    First, please click "Click here to order" in the upper right corner of the screen and register your clinic information.
    We will send the necessary information to your registered e-mail address shortly.
    ※Members of the Japan Advanced Orthodontic Society will receive a 5% discount off the regular price.
    (You must be a member at the time you place your order.)
    If you would like to join, please enroll.
    Click here to enroll

  • Design

    For those who wish to buy surgical stents

    1. Send us 3D data of maxillary dental cast. The dental plaster model can also be accepted. The cast must include the palate and leveling has to be completed. If the impression is taken right after the treatment, teeth may move and there will be higher risks of stents not fitting. We recommend to take an impression 2-3 weeks after the treatment.
    2. Send a CT data taken on the same day. The data must include the maxillary dentition and the palate.
    3. Lingual twin brackets must be placed on the maxillary first molars. We can make ones for you but additional charges will be applied.
    4. Send us a rough design of what you wish for us to make. We will design the items based on the plan.

    For those who wish to buy a sep-up model

    1. Send us 3D data of maxillary and mandibular dentition. The dental plaster model can be used. Dental Crowns need to be shown clearly.
    2. Send us CT data as well. The CT data needs to show the direction of the roots on maxilla and mandible.

    The data will be sent and received via Secure SAMBA (Chatwork Storage Technologies, Co., Ltd.)
    Secure SAMBA sends an ID and a password to a registered email address. Log in using the given ID and password. Proceed to the page to upload required data.

  • Quotation

    If there are not any problems with designs, we will send you a cost estimate.

  • Contract・Payment

    We will send you an electronic contract once the design is completed. The contract is formed when it is signed. The payment should be made via PayPal.

  • Production and the appointed date of delivery

    The production of the item(s) will begin upon the completion of the payment after the contract is signed. Please note that changes of designs and the quantity or refunds cannot be made once the contract is signed.
    Shipping date is 4 weeks from the date when the contract is signed(including confirmation of payment).
    The surgical stent will be shipped 4 weeks after confirming and accepting the position and length of i-screw α.
    Contact us if you need the items sooner than our shipping date of delivery. The additional 25 % is charged for expediting the manufacturing process. Please note that we may not be able to take the orders for various reasons.
    The shipping date of delivery should change in case of natural disasters or the excessive quantity of orders, etc.

  • Delivery of Items

    3 days before the shipping, we will email photos of packed items. Please check the photos and reply in order for us to proceed with the shipping. If there is no reply, we will ship the items 3 days in time.
    The contract is completed once the items are shipped. We will not be able to respond to any inquiries after that.

  • Matters to be noted

    We cannot return the STL data, CT data, plaster models and/or any related documents.
    If it is determined that the CT data, 3D data and/or plaster models are not sufficient, we will stop the manufacturing process and restart the production once we receive the required materials. In doing so, the appointed date of delivery will change accordingly.
    We will not be able to accept MTM orders.

Contact Us

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We will send you the necessary information to your registered e-mail address.